Don’t Say You Love Me is dropping on On 28/7/23!

This song is very inspired by Detroit and my favourite artists who made music in Motor City! Particularly the legends of the Hitsville era.

I loved being in the ‘Snake Pit’ / Studio A there, and I played some incredible solo shows to the awesome Detroit-ers, who gave me the experience of my life, and told me so many fascinating stories about the music and musicians that came out of DTown. The majority of the people I met there (even Uber drivers and venue staff) were creatives and cool af. It was SUCH a vibe, and the most friendly, buzzy, city I’ve ever seen.

This song is about LOVE, and how it is always the answer… so saying it shouldn’t be used as a tool, or insincerely as it’s too precious and means too much.. Love is the greatest thing we have as humans, and should be shown as much as possible, and only said when it’s true.

Coming to your groovy ears on Friday 28th July ’23.

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